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Beach wedding ideas for your bridesmaids
28 Jan 2016

Beach wedding ideas for your bridesmaids

One of the best things about beach weddings (apart from marrying your perfect guy obviously 😉 is the fact that you and your best girlfriends will be spending an amazing time at an amazing destination! Here are some fun ideas for you and your bridesmaids.


Beach weddings

When planning your beach wedding in Mexico, there is one thing you can be absolutely sure of – you are going to have the most amazingly beautiful backdrop for your photo shoot! Of course your local photographer should be an expert in beach weddings and have lots of ideas, but it definitely can’t hurt to do some research and think about certain props or accessories you might want to use.


Wedding in Mexico

Which brings us to the next topic – your bridesmaids’ dresses! It is important to think about the beach wedding attire for your girls. 2 important things about beach weddings (especially if you are planning your wedding in Mexico):

  1. They tend to be more casual.
  2. The weather is (hopefully!) going to be hot.

Therefore, anything short, fun, and colorful is always a good idea. Long maxi dresses (although beautiful) might not be the most practical/comfortable option for your girls. Same goes for you when you are looking for beach wedding dresses by the way. Read more about choosing the perfect beach wedding dress here.


Beach wedding ideas


And what about accessories? One trend we have been absolutely loving are matching necklaces or bracelets with a beach  theme. Anything from pearls, seashells, tiny starfishes, you name it! Your girls are going to love them and they will perfectly go with your beach theme wedding ideas!

wedding in Mexico

Another favorite of our brides are barefoot sandals! So cute and practical if you are looking for beach wedding ceremony ideas. Plus, you and your girls are going to be able to use them again and again during your future beach holidays and will always be reminded about your special day!




And what about you? Have you got any other fun ideas for you and your bridesmaids?


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